three months old

[as i made this little collage i realized we don’t have a 2 month picture with his monkey! we were in atlanta on his 2 month birthday, that’s why.]

look how much my baby has grown!!! we don’t have a pediatrician appointment this month so i’m about to measure him with a tape measure. probably not perfectly accurate, but i’m gonna say 27 inches. he’s wearing 3-6 month clothes, and some just plain 6 month. his feet look big to me… they are 4 inches! and his head is definitely housing a huge brain. his strong neck could hold his head up at 10 weeks. could have been a little earlier, but it was still a tad bobble-headed. andΒ he’s growing out of his hair!

speaking of hair, it sticks up all the time no matter what! fluffy, soft baby hair. and can we talk about eyelashes??? they just grow and grow. beautiful. he still has those sapphire blue eyes and heartbreaking smile. archer will smile at anyone. he’s a charmer and a flirt already!

he still isn’t rolling over or anything, but he looooves to stretch those legs. when he has a big surface to lay on, he’ll just be kicking and waving his arms like crazy. he puts all his weight on his feet for long stretches if you stand him up and hold him steady. there’s this little look he gets when he’s proud of himself/concentrating hard–pursing his lips and wide eyed. when he gets tired he sits down on his bum and looks around.

we’ve got a pretty good rhythm of sleeping. i started charting it out on the google calendar to see if there is any pattern. he’ll go to bed around 9:30 and wake up around 7, waking up twice to eat. [that’s a very flexible average!] he takes a short nap an hour after waking up, usually 45 min to an hour. then he’ll take a longer nap around 11 or so. this one could be one hour or 3 depending. other than this, we don’t really have a schedule. i can just tell when he’s tired becuase it’s pretty much the only time he’s whiney and can’t be soothed. well, lately he is NOT liking his car seat.

anything else to note… hmmm… we think his first word will be cute because he hears it ten million times a day. hah!


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