like a weed, a handsome weed

he’s growing like a weed… but not an ugly annoying weed, a very handsome and loved weed. you know what i mean.

my little bitty baby is not so little bitty anymore and has grown out of his moses basket. this week i transitioned him to his pack & play. he clearly loves all the extra space to move around in. i got this awesome basket for free from another mom in boston, and i can’t seem to part with it before we move. there’s this sentimental thing attached, and i want all my babies to sleep in it. plus it is on a rocking stand. how can you beat that?



One thought on “like a weed, a handsome weed

  1. What a wise and informed baby, making sure he knows how to be safe in his crib! Silas stares intently at this little red dot on his swing, not the toys and other things around… weird. And even though Archer doesn’t fit in the moses basket anymore, you have got to save it – it’s just precious!


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