cold soup and kale

1. cucumber soup Β 2. sauteed kale, fried eggs, and flax cornbread muffins

my main cooking goal this summer is to cook without heating up our already steamy apartment. folks up here in new england do not have air conditioning, but it still gets hot. this past weekend reminded me of those humid atlanta days, but without swimming pools and air conditioning to provide respite from the sauna. at one point i thought, “what is dripping on my foot?” and then i realized it was sweat trickling down and not a mysterious leak.

using our csa farmshare i am able to use a lot of fresh, colorful veggies. my challenge is cooking them quickly–or not at all. the raw cucumber soup on the left did not require me to use the stove or oven, just a food processor and cheesecloth. it tasted so refreshing and felt like something you’d get at an upscale, trendy restaurant. it does require some planning ahead because it needs to chill overnight, but it was worth the wait. recipe pinned here. i didn’t measure anything out, just used the recipe loosely.


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