roll over

archer and i are keeping our new england pale + baby skin covered in spf 50 even in the shade… i got this straw hat for $2. good deal, i’d say.

this little sweet potato… he’s my little bud. i’m reminded he’s still a little baby when we take him in the ocean. he holds on so tight and i can feel how much he trusts me.Β i had a weepy mama moment yesterday while giving him a bath in the kitchen sink. he’s just getting so big. we danced around the house and cuddled until he fell fast asleep. this beach stuff wears him out!

did i mention he rolled over on sunday? yep. back to front. we left him in the tent on his back, look away for just a moment and then.. wait a minute.. he’s on his tummy now! oh boy. here we go.


2 thoughts on “roll over

  1. Susanne and Robert, I started following your blog a while ago and I realized I have never left a comment. It has been really cool to watch Archer get bigger, see another young couple grow, and get a taste of the North. You guys have inspired us to keep a travel blog for India. Love from New Orleans, Jenn


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