cost of living

apartment therapy posted this telling article about how much it really costs to live in Boston. the numbers are no surprise to us, even though they make me cringe every time. when we talk to our southern friends and hear what they pay for rent it sounds like music to our ears, especially for the space they get. the prices continue to rise as occupancy rates are higher than ever. home becomes even more valuable to me as it is our very highest expense by a long shot. i’m so thankful we found a place to move in roslindale that will be bigger and “affordable” compared to most 2 bedrooms.

one commenter on the article said “I can only afford outer limits, and I’m in Roslindale. Prices go up any more, I’m going to end up driving into the train from someplace like Randolph. Or, you know, just shooting myself.”

that pretty much sums it up.


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