music monday

Oh, Monday. How can we jump start this day? Sometimes Monday just needs some inspiration.

Starting today, we are going to feature a new song, album, or band each Monday. Not only do Robert and I love finding new-to-us music, we are both music people. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Music Management. Once upon a time, I played in a folk band and went on a national tour. I mean, the band wasΒ not a big deal, but it was fun and it is a big part of my life. And Robert has always been a huge fan of music. He has a trunk full of CDs and a storage bin full of concert tickets. I like that he’s the kind of guy who holds onto things like tickets and newspapers. (I don’t like finding a place to put his mementos in our limited Boston square footage!)

I definitely don’t and won’t claim to “discover” new music. Some songs I’ll find on other blogs, friends’ youtube channels, facebook, who knows.

So, here’s to Music Monday. Starting off with this simply lovely music video of Bryan John Appleby’s “Cliffs Along the Sea” which makes me long for autumn to arrive…


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