mm: 2

week 2.

I’ll share my unpacking music this past week. Right Away, Great Captain! is a solo side project of Manchester Orchestra’s lead singer, Andy Hull, hailing from our very own Atlanta, GA.

I now appreciate Manchester Orchestra after a few years of ignoring them. I especially enjoy their album Simple Math (music video here) from May 2011. The band is one of Robert’s musical loves. He ranked Manchester Orchestra #3 when he composed a list of “The Real Top 50 Albums of the Last Decade” in December 2009. Then, in April 2010 (shortly after we began dating) Robert went to see them live and wrote about that, too. So there’s a lot of love for Andy Hull around these parts.

Right Away, Great Captain! has an in depth biography on their Facebook page. It explains in detail the characterization and storyline behind Hull’s trilogy of albums beginning in 2006. Hull said, “If I didn’t set out for it to be a trilogy, I could have extended this story and it would have gotten stale and I don’t know if I ever would have finished it. What I could not have ever expected was the amount of growth that I went through personally from ages 19 to 25, because you don’t really think about that when you’re 19. As I began to grow, the character grew, and when the character grew, the story grew too.”

I’m going to include the track “Blame” from the final album in the trilogy, The Church of the Good Thief (June 2012). Hull said on his tumblr, “the response about The Church Of The Good Thief is melting my heart. i don’t think i’ve felt this complete after releasing something before. so happy to share it with the world.”




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