around the village

so far we feel awesome about this neighborhood. it’s almost impossible to foresee how you’ll fit into the rhythms of day-to-day life in a new place, but i have a feeling we won’t have trouble making a home here. we are literally steps from cafes, library, bank, grocery, thrift, ice cream, bakery, farmers’ market, you name it. after the stresses of the unknown regarding where we would settle, this living situation has divine provision written all over it. we prayed and prayed for somewhere our little family would be accepted and embraced. that’s hard to find in boston–especially with a baby and a very small budget. [see my cost of living post] so wow, here we are. we’ve lived in boston for 1.5 years already. so far, we’ve lived in 3 apartments. robert has worked at 2 jobs. he’ll be attending his second seminary this fall. i’ve temped and worked full time. now i am a full time mama–my dream. we’ve gone to 2 churches, and now a third. we’ve had 3 different cars. whew. that’s a lot of life packed in. and we’re just getting started.

thanks be to God.


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