five months old

do you know what five means? five means almost six which means half a year. what? baby boy, slow it down, will ya? please?

look at him. just lounging in the chair with his monkey buddy. archer doesn’t have an appointment this month so who knows how much he weighs. i feel like a body builder all day every day. and he’s not letting up on eating. it’s every 2 hours on average and still eating in the night, too. i don’t mean he wakes up and just eats to go back to sleep. archer is eating because he’s hungry. i know the difference. it’s like gulping instead of just nibbling.

he also began reaching for my food, fork, glass, etc. every time i tried to eat something. so…. on sunday i gave him his first rice cereal. i make it in a shot glass (very age appropriate, right) and archer seems to like a thicker consistency. the first time i gave it to him it was too thin and he spit it out, but after that i think he loves it. he also loves holding the spoon himself. we have a tiny bit in the morning and a tiny bit at night. i let him go crazy with it at dinner and then we do a bath. then bedtime usually around 8:30 pm. we quit the pacifier this monday, and it’s been a little tough, but i think it’ll be worth it in the long run. i’m trying to teach him to self soothe, but of course it takes some guidance. i realized he still really likes being swaddled. he breaks free, but that’s fine. it’s the going down that matters. also, he always wakes up on his tummy. i worry because all the books say NEVER LET BABY SLEEP ON STOMACH, but i’d literally have to force him to stay on his back, flipping over is his favorite thing.

i think we both have thrush again, a mild case. hopefully i can give archer the meds & i use the ointment and it just goes away quickly. i’m definitely feeling the pain, but since i’ve grown quite tolerant to the feeding woes it’s not as bad. also, my supply has dwindled significantly, and i wonder about this since he is not eating any less. i’m fine with it because i’m not leaking all the time. and he is definitely growing, getting fatter, etc. today robert said, “his head doesn’t look big anymore.” this is because he is chunky all over. thunder thighs, man. so squishy. those cheeks. so kissable.

he wakes up at 6:30 am for the day and has 2 substantial naps (1-2 hours) in the day. he plays, we read books, he watches me do chores, we visit papa at work, we browse the local thrift stores, and more. it’s great. life is great. also, he is a pro at turning over every which way. he can scoot around using his feet. today he was exploring the living room. what? does this mean he will be mobile soon? crazy.

for some reason he’s losing his hair all over the place. i also lost handfuls and handfuls of hair this month, so maybe it’s just a thing. we both molted our newborn hair. sad. i’m so so so sad that he is not newborn anymore. but he is so so so cute and i can’t deny that. it’s simply the best. being archer’s mama is the best thing on earth.


One thought on “five months old

  1. This is the post I’ve been really meaning to comment on! :) Archer and Silas are so stinkin’ similar, it’s beyond precious. If only we lived in the same city. Major bummer. I had the EXACT same thought the other day that 5 months is almost 6 months, which is half a year!! How can that be? Only 213 months until college, and it’s way to few in my opinion.
    Also, I’m not sure if you’ve treated your cloth diapers after thrush, but the bacteria (?? whatever it is) can remain and start again if you don’t get rid of it. I think a bleach wash or something… you may want to google it. Because, oh my goodness, it’s terrible you’ve had mastitis/thrush so much!
    Happy 5 months Archie!


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