some modest bath time pictures of the cutest baby boy, and an unrelated post about life.

i’m still in the midst of settling down in this apartment. assembling new bookshelves, trying a diy stain on them, diy stain failing. etc. still boxes of books piled high above my head in the corner. archer’s room full of things that don’t have places to go?

whenever folks come over they say, “where did you keep all this stuff before?” stored away deep in our mary poppins bags, i’m sure.

archer and i are on our own most of the time. the papa bear is now full time seminarian and full time assistant manager. we’re all very proud of each other for working hard. but we all miss each other very much. whiskey moments on the back porch after archer’s bedtime with our jackets on get me through the day.

such is pastoral life. as in aspiring pastor life not sheep life. you know what i mean.

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One thought on “bathtime

  1. What sweet, sweet pictures! You have a cutie on your hands, that’s for sure. And again, I totally know how you feel about a busy husband. Jason’s still working two jobs plus seminary, and family time is super limited. But oh, it is so, so worth it. Tell Robert congrats and we’re praying for a good year for him in seminary!


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