ahts festival

so, although i’ve been very reliable with the new music monday posts, my personal posts have certainly taken a turn for the nonexistant… did that sentence make any sense at all? i feel so tired these days. i really should be napping with archer right now, but i wanted to upload photos, read a book, and have some “me” time.

with robert working full time (over overtime) and taking grad classes full time i’m keeping very busy around the house. i officially opened our last box today (we moved over a month ago!) but there is stuff everywhere. my goal is to get it all squared away before wednesday when grandma and grandpa come to town.

that’s a quick update. these are some photos from a couple sundays ago. look at archer in blue jeans. what a little man!

we’ve been walking to church each week and it’s so awesome. i think everyone should be able to walk to church.

my brother had a booth at the “boston ahts festival” this year. we took the t downtown to check it out. makes a sister proud, i’ll tell you that much.


2 thoughts on “ahts festival

  1. I bet you give those puffy, saggy little cheeks of Archer’s upwards of a thousand kisses a day, right? There may or may not turn out to be an imprint of my lips of Silas’s cheeks as he grows older. (How embarrassing for him!) And that purple plaid shirt is toooo cute! Love seeing pictures of your growing boy!


  2. I feel just like you do! With Jason working (over)time and also with seminary, I’ve intentionally allowed my blog to take a back seat. I kept feeling this pressure to blog, but not for memory’s sake but rather for guilt’s sake. Ick. So I took blogger off my homescreen of favorites and told myself when I WANT to blog I can. And, ah! It’s been pretty freeing. Silas is doing amazing and I just have wanted to slow down time and savor it with him. But do know that I am a faithful reader of your blog, but I rarely crack open my computer these days (mostly just read emails & stuff on my phone). I just tell myself, I’ll reply to all those posts soon… and then don’t. Oops. But your blog is still my favorite! Hope you are doing well! Lots of love!


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