a tooth

baby boy definitely has a little tooth coming through on the bottom. he’s been all out of sorts today, sleeping more than usual and crying in between. i can tell he’s very uncomfortable and just beside himself.

yesterday he discovered his jaw, opening and closing over and over again. sometimes he tries to “talk” saying blablabla. it’s really cute. i took a video of it this morning but i’m just too worn out to plug the camera in, upload, etc.

robert’s parents arrive tomorrow! some grandma and grandpa time will be nice.

i’m just sitting here waiting for my hubs to get home from work, but i’m fading really fast. hopefully it will be an okay night with the teething… we’ll see.


3 thoughts on “a tooth

  1. what a cutie! teething is tough. luckily ellie wasn’t bothered by her first eight much… but she has two trying to pop through now that keep her up at night. such a bummer!


  2. Oh, a tooth! How sweet! We’re not there yet, so be sure to post all your tricks and tips for soothing, mmkay? Did you get a better night of sleep last night? I sure hope so! :)


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