is it really already october 18? this grand month just started and now it is over half passed. we’ve been busy with new home, church, friends, family, and i can hardly believe how much archer has grown.

we had our 6 month appointment and here are the specs: 19 lb 2.2 oz, 27 inches long!

i can’t remember if i mentioned he cut his tooth the last day of september. then he started crawling this past weekend. he still doesn’t like eating solids so we are just following his lead in that regard. he slept 9:30-6 on monday night, and then 9-5 tuesday night. last night was a disaster, but at least we know he can do it! he lost his hair somewhere between the 4th and 5th months, but it’s grown back into a fuzzy dark blonde color. i think he’s my little mini-me!

we’re enjoying this stage, but it has its challenges. teething and colder weather both bring cold symptoms, coughing, and whining. generally, i can take it in stride. i’ve been under the weather myself this week and just want to curl up and sleep! i’m hoping archer and i can nap together today. rest is important, but i’ve been neglecting it for the sake of sweeping, mopping, laundry, cooking, etc.

i’ve also allowed this blog to take kinda a back seat, which i feel fine about. i do want to keep updating so i don’t forget all of archer’s milestones. i also hope it’s helpful for friends and family to keep up with our simple little life up here in boston. ideally, i’d be including recipes, crafts, and the like. these things are still happening! i’m still cooking new meals, reading new books, playing music, “diy-ing” and all that fun, creative stuff. it’s much harder to document with a little half-year old crawling around on you. he’s currently rolling around, grabbing the computer, trying to eat it, typing, erasing, and growing more ornery by the second…

until next time.


One thought on “october

  1. CRAWLING? What the? Seriously?! That’s crazy. But so sweet, too. You look awesome and Archer looks so dapper in his pilot’s hat. And it sounds like (for the most part) he’s learning to be a champ about sleeping! Hurray!


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