say “ahh”vocado

this boy likes avocado! he especially likes trying to feed himself.

in other news, we’re feeling some major gusts of wind from sandy. my mom & dad are in town for him to travel to canada on business. his flights have been cancelled today, so he will be driving up through maine. robert went to work about 20 minutes ago. i’m worried a tree is going to fall and prevent him from coming home. my mom is staying with us, so i’m going to pick her up in a few minutes.

i’ve got chills, they’re multiplyin’—sandy’s losin’ control. (image via jezebel /

my main concern is that all the autumn leaves will be history. our tree in the front is already bare. it’s just not fair. it feels like autumn in boston lasted just a week.


One thought on “say “ahh”vocado

  1. I was just thinking of your guys this morning and praying for your safety! Si loves his avocado too, however he’s been gagging on the frozen-then-thawed stuff and throwing up. Boo on that. (Also, I’m going with Silas to Boston/Greenfield next week! This may sound crazy, but I might have some extra time in Boston…how close to the airport do you live? :)


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