seven months old

Sheesh. I feel like this kid has changed so much in the last month. I could barely take the monkey photos. He was all over the place! I couldn’t get him dressed, so what you see is what you get! Here’s a progression to give you a taste…

Alright, well, what’s new with Archer. He’s still “creeping” around using mostly his hands and feet. Not up on the knees yet, but no rush! Even with this method he’s seriously fast! As he creeps around I follow him and babyproof. I think this is kinda a good way to go about it, I just have to be paying really good attention. Also, he can sit up alone for long periods of time, but will randomly topple over, so I have to be really close. Putting the boppy behind him usually helps, but if he falls forward that’s a different story.

I guess I never posted his 6 month stats? Did I? It was in the middle of October. Who knows. I’m not doing so hot at keeping up with this bloggity blog. Heck, I’ve been wearing the same sweatpants 2 days in a row. (I did wear jeans to the grocery store, oooo, ahhh) ANYWAY. Enough about me.

He’sΒ 84.71% of growth percentile based on length-for-age and 72.25% of growth percentile based on weight-for-age.

Height: 27.75″

Weight: 19 lb 2 oz

He’s eating pretty much the things I eat that are safe for him… sweet potato, peas, egg yolk, banana, apple, squash, etc. He really doesn’t like eating from a spoon because he wants to hold it himself! So I got some mesh feeders and he loves them! This eating stage is so messy, but so cute!Β On one occasion, we were out with my family and Archer was at the end of his rope. So I let him try a pickle. Oh, the faces. Hilarious.

Sleep… ah. Well I was reading about the sleep-easy solution on another mama’s facebook. So I looked up the basics and tried it. Worked like a charm except when my mom was staying with us, sorry mom! He’s been doing great at night. Bedtime is 7:30 now! Big change from his old 9:00 bedtime. He still wakes up to nurse two or three times, but goes right back to sleep. I don’t mind it. If he wakes 5 am or later I just bring him in our bed and then he usually sleeps later! He’s usually napping twice a day. One long nap (1.5 hours) and one short nap (30 min) most of the time.

He loves playing with things that aren’t actually toys. Spatula with the silicone end to chew on, satin ribbon, plastic and paper (under supervision), my broken cell phone (sans battery), empty trash can…. Basically he just explores our apartment and finds new things to love everyday.

We are so in love with this guy. He’s the sweetest, funniest, cuddliest, and all around greatest baby! Yes, he gets fussy and whines. He refuses to sleep. He bites me with his 2 sharp teeth. But we are bonding more and more as his personality comes out. I’m trying to sear these days into my memory forever. Like cuddling after his nap reading the 3 little pigs. Bathtime. His genuine laughter at his papa’s antics. Visits from grandparents. I call him all kinds of crazy names, Buddy, Bubba, Bubby, Bubs, Bubsy, Pooky Bear (??), Archie, Archibald, Little Man, Baby Boy, Little Love, and of course Son! He’s our Son!!! How amazing is that. I’m in awe. Thank you, God, for our Son.


4 thoughts on “seven months old

  1. aw he’s definitely a cutie! can’t wait to see what our little one will be like in 7 months time! and that sleep easy book is one that is on my registry–so neat to hear that it actually works!


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