the tree


a couple weeks ago we drove down the road to this place you can buy mulch and things. i had a $5 off coupon for a christmas tree, and the proceeds all go to children’s hospital. win-win!

we picked our tree and brought it home… archer’s first glimpse of christmas lights was magical. seriously. he was in awe!


and he was a really big help getting all the decorations out of their boxes…


he will go to great lengths… and heights! to see our tree. we put it up high thinking he wouldn’t be able to reach, but since then he’s learned to pull up. so much for ornaments on those low-hanging branches!

observe his skill…


yesterday he waved at me and signed for “more” which could have been a fluke. we didn’t practice again today, but tomorrow! we will practice. and i will reward him with my awesome dance moves to the paste holiday sampler or sufjan. he lovesss when robert and i break into dance. thinks it’s hilarious. archer is probably the only person on the planet that sees me bust a move. he’s probably thinking “my mama is c-r-a-z-y.” i know i am thinking the same thing!

and i’ll leave you with this. prepare yourselves:


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