ten months


when i think ten months i think “he’s been out longer than he was in!” but that’s not quite right, because the 9 months pregnant thing is not quite accurate… so, he’s been out as long as he was in! or something.

archer is currently pushing an elephant/rhino pair around the floor. scratch that, now he’s climbing up the door and saying “ba ba ba ba bop bop ba ba” reaching for the doorknob.

what a delight he is. everyday we say “we have the cutest baby” which is rather biased but it’s actually truth ;)

he’s 21.5 lb, and 29.5″ [90th percentile for height!] with a lot more hair, luscious thighs, and he still has those baby blue eyes!

he’s much more vocal and clearly much more mobile! which is to be expected… that’s what’s supposed to happen with babies, right? talking, walking, the whole 9. i’m glad he’s not a picky eater for the most part. still nursing with naps, bedtime, for comfort. drinks from a cup sometimes. just learned to clap 2 days ago, on his 10 month birth anniversary.

i feel like there is so much more i want to note, things that happen during our days and i think “i have to write this down!” but i don’t… with such a busy boy i’m lucky if i write a grocery list every couple weeks!

his two front teeth, travels, and an ear infection made him a little sad this month, but for the most part he’s a jolly little fella with a great sense of humor! loves shaking his head around and sticking out his tongue… as you can see in this video:


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