we’ve rounded the corner of this winter season… spring is on the horizon. the bulbs are peeking their determined little heads out of snowy ground. my spirit is feeling that same push toward new life, color, and warmth. we find ourselves in the season of lent, which literally means “springtime” though it starts in the dead of winter. the contemplation, giving up, and repentance feels appropriate on days like today–gray, cold, and still. seems another snowy night is upon us, but hopes of warmer days and Eastertide radiate through our chilly bones.

these days, if the sun shows its face the day is “warm” and we take a long walk… though truly it is below freezing. we are relieved upon returning home to our little nest. archer’s nose and cheeks rosy, i hold onto his icicle fingers tight. we cuddle close with mother goose. i have all the rhymes memorized.

when spring comes we will play in the grass. i will teach my boy about plants and bugs. last year he would lay on the blanket napping next to me as i read books in the park. this year i’m sure he’ll only nap after he’s wiggled and giggled all the iggles he can muster.

life is good. and i give winter permission to hang on a bit longer because i’m still snuggled up with my baby boy. hot coffee still sounds better than iced. wool socks win out over cotton. and honestly, i’m not quite ready for my baby to be a year old.


2 thoughts on “winter

  1. Oh I so hope you’re right. Today I thought, I cannot take one more minute of this. It’s almost like when it gets warmer, and gets sooner and then I get more anxious for it. Doesn’t help that the snow is so grimy now, it’s not quite as adorable when Lux tries to eat it all.


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