it’s official. we have lived in boston for two years. two years ago we drove up the east coast with all our things loaded in a uhaul and our little honda hitched to the back. we were more than lucky to have one of our best friends chris help drive, unpack, and provide jolly good company. i recall eating turkey sandwiches at gas stations. watching the oscars for a bit at the hotel. robert and i have not had turkey sandwiches in nearly 2 years… and we have barely seen any movies this year… i digress. two years ago we were young, hopeful, determined, inspired, and best of all: newlywed. we had no idea what adventures were coming for us here in boston. expectations were not met. things did not go as planned. as life usually goes, you know? plans, shplans. i do say, each sloppy kiss from our baby son, each jibber jabber, each eruption of laughter are proof that we did something right.

ps- i just discovered the illustration above, and all of the artist’s works are just as great.


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