popping in


just stopping in to say a few things.

i promise i have a video from february ready to post. i’ve been working on it for way too long and need another set of eyes and ears before i publish it.

we’ve been having some family time the last couple days and it’s been so nice! robert worked a good solid 13 days in a row so two days off were well deserved.

when he got home saturday i had a horrible migraine and honestly felt it was becoming unsafe for me to care for archer. i haven’t had a bad one in a long time.

archer has “slept through” 4 nights in a row. meaning i haven’t gone into his room to comfort him in the night. it’s like he and i were both just ready. though he doesn’t sound ready when he’s crying… it usually only lasts about 3 minutes and he will fall back asleep.

i’ve worked really hard on meal planning/grocery budgeting the last week or so. i’m getting excited about baking. it feels really good to keep Β myself and my family well fed and healthy. i love eliminating packaged and full of preservative foods.

okay! so stay tuned for the video, grandparents. and the other 2 people who might read this ;)


One thought on “popping in

  1. Okay, this grandparent will try to be patient…but I am having Archer withdrawal!!! We miss him so much, and you, too.
    Love you 3, Gigi


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