one year old archer


looking back at the last year:: 1 // 2 \ 3 // 4 \ 5 // 6 \ 7 // 9 // 10 \ 11

and here is a newborn and six month old comparison from a previous post…

my how he’s grown!!! we all have. :)these monthly photos have gotten progressively more difficult! outtakes like these are more common than acceptable photos:

exhibit a: complete disinterest in what is happening
exhibit b: i’d rather eat my hoodie than pose for this picture.

here are a sampling of things we love about our one year old boy!!!
the crossing of the ankles
the bum, thigh rolls, pudgy hands, chubby cheeks
the sharing food and drink always
the emptying of everything all the time
the spilling and eating of the sprinkles
the climbing in and out of the toybox
the jibberjabber
the “mamamama” after realizing i’m in another room
the collapsing on the floor giggling when chased and tickled
the organizing of tupperware
the drinking from sippy cup by himself
the reading of all the books everyday
the playing with and eating my hair
the tossing toys, books, etc. with an emphatic “umph”
the turning on and off of the lights
the attempts at obedience
the putting on of beautiful beads, sunglasses, scarves, laundry
the brushing of the five teeth
the assembling of and disassembling of mr. penguin
the hugs and kissies offered generously and independently
the grasping and holding tight around my neck
the pulling off of the socks
the dance and wiggles when music is playing
the sincere love of bathtime
and so. much. more.

aaaaaand. i finally typed out our birth story! it just needs a proofread by papa robert and then i’ll share soon!


2 thoughts on “one year old archer

  1. All of those pictures are adorable, but the 6 month one especially melts my heart. That smile, those eyes, that hair! The ladies will love him, FOR SURE. I mean, how…HOW has it been a year?


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