.gif + truths + p.s.

look! i did a new thing with some pictures!

things that are true right now:

-it’s too hot. cut it out, new england. you’re better than this.
-if they don’t finish the construction downstairs so help me i will do it for them. precious nap time has been interrupted one too many times this week.
-i just googled: what to cook when it’s too hot to cook. open to suggestions!!! [vegetarian, no nuts, light on the dairy….]
-i’ve figured out to indirectly send photos through cyberspace to my very own instagram account. robert’s iphone > my email > my ipod touch > instagram. i know, right? complicated. not really sure it’s gonna last.
-the bangs are in an uncomfortable growing out stage. especially when stuck to my sweaty forehead.
-archer loooooves bath time and his new baby pool on the patio!!! also crawling around naked is the best and cutest way for him to stay cool.
-robert works too much. BUT i am thankful for his job and his hard work. people love some coffee & pastries! also, he served sam beam some espresso.
-our csa [community supported agriculture] started yesterday at the village farmer’s market! hallelujah amen.
-little bud somehow spilled a bottle of cooking oil on the wood floor yesterday. mopping with hot water + dish soap does wonders.
the handmaid’s tale is what i’m reading and it is so darn good so far. might be reading more margaret atwood in the future…
-just realized there’s a poo diaper sitting on the coffee table. i think that’s my cue…

signing off.

ps- i know. i never posted birth story. robert still hasn’t had a chance to proof it. someday…
pss- another gif for fun… from mother’s day :)

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