Theo is One!


How the year has flown by! On the twelfth day of Christmas God gave us the best gift and every year we will celebrate!

Theo is a joy. Our butterball stinky grizzly bear golden baby boy.

He stands and pushes furniture around. Has been wearing 18-24 month clothes since he was 7 months old. Loves bonking his head on other heads. Laughs hard at elephant sounds. Makes a great lion or bear roar. Is obsessed with the bath. Loves patting his bare belly. Gets into everything. Holds on to (pulls) mama’s hair like a lifeline. Likes eating mustard greens and graham crackers. Wants whatever you have. Hates the car. Doesn’t sit still. He unreliably says Hi, Bye, Bubba, Mama, Papa, Dog, Hot. He is a clingy mama’s boy, but get super excited to see his papa everyday. Theo loves his brother Archer so much and it is so fun watching them begin to play together.

We love our Theo!


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