Four Years Old!

Our firstborn turned 4 on April 4th! I made sure to sneak as many kisses and snuggles on his last day of 3 years old.IMG_5655

I’m attempting to compile all the home videos we’ve taken over the last year. Enjoy 4 minutes of Archer’s 3 year old awesomeness. April-July 2015:

Archer: April-July 2015 from Susanne Evangelista on Vimeo.


Theo : 9 weeks

With Archer I took a photo every month with a stuffed monkey my mom bought for him at the hospital. According to his 2 month post he was about 14 lb. Theo is almost 17 lb right now. Big fella! Robert always imagines adding pounds of coffee as Theo grows… Hah.

I mean. Look at these rolls.

IMG_5750 copy.JPG

Here is a 9 week Archer next to a 9 week Theo… (I tried putting Theo in the same outfit but there was NO WAY it would fit him. And he’s not even in cloth diapers yet, thanks to all the diapers we were given.)


Mr. Zebra who I named “Stripes” is the first thing I bought for this baby… our Theo. I was barely pregnant, roaming the aisles of Goodwill in my hometown. Stripes (being in perfect condition, Pier One tags intact) begged me to take him home. SO here we are.

IMG_5801 copy

IMG_5811 copy

PS- I just searched “Pier One stuffed Zebra” because who ever knew they sold stuffed animals? And this guy is selling for $30 on ebay.