it’s official. we have lived in boston for two years. two years ago we drove up the east coast with all our things loaded in a uhaul and our little honda hitched to the back. we were more than lucky to have one of our best friends chris help drive, unpack, and provide jolly good company. i recall eating turkey sandwiches at gas stations. watching the oscars for a bit at the hotel. robert and i have not had turkey sandwiches in nearly 2 years… and we have barely seen any movies this year… i digress. two years ago we were young, hopeful, determined, inspired, and best of all: newlywed. we had no idea what adventures were coming for us here in boston. expectations were not met. things did not go as planned. as life usually goes, you know? plans, shplans. i do say, each sloppy kiss from our baby son, each jibber jabber, each eruption of laughter are proof that we did something right.

ps- i just discovered the illustration above, and all of the artist’s works are just as great.


the city we love

this video of atlanta made my heart have that twisty, tugging feeling of homesickness. we love that city, but we find ourselves in another. boston is growing on us because let’s face it–we’re building lifelong memories here. almost all of our marriage has been spent in boston, and this will forever be archer’s birthplace. our heartstrings will always feel a little tug toward atlanta, the city of resurgence. no matter where we find our physical home, atlanta has a place for us. and that place is home too.

atlanta folk

archer and i went to atlanta last weekend for my dear friend heather’s wedding.

my camera died the day i got there, so i only have a couple pictures.

as is our family custom, granmary, mom, archer and i went to the ok cafe on our way from the airport. this is what i ate: good southern cookin’

this is what breastfeeding will do to you, ladies. you’ll eat like you haven’t had a meal in weeks… and you’ll eat that way at every meal.

after a pretty bad case of mastitis, i finally felt a bit better the day before i had to leave. so i got to see three of my favorite ladies in one day! my best gal pal brittany took this photo and i just stole it from facebook. archer looks like a little elf.

and then our atlanta friend, bethany, visited boston… we ate a lot of food and took a walk around the hood.

we showed her the cat house. on this particular walk i think i counted five cats loungin around.

and i must leave you with an obligatory melt-your-heart photo of archer jones. hey baby, let me get a piece of those scrumptious cheeks.