rhythm and perspectives

our days begin with the squeaky morning sounds of a little person. next come cuddles, coffee, oats. papa goes off to work. archer is already bored… so we go out for a walk. i listen to audiobooks [currently: the year of the flood] and wander the streets, parks, and of course the arboretum. every now and then my little passenger snoozes, but usually he’s sitting up stock straight, alert. such an inquisitive, energetic boy. always “woowoo” at the dogs and waving “hi” at the humans. pointing at any and everything and vocalizing with a constant question mark in his tone.

rarely do i remind myself to bring along the small black box with which i once took photos regularly… it lives buried deep in my bag, hidden from clumsy toddler hands… but there was this one day last week that felt particularly special and memorable. it’s not often you find a robin’s egg shell [twice last week!] or amble down the conifer path for the first time. i have a few photos to show for it.


i prefer my route to be ever-changing, but i’m nearing the edges of my walking radius. i stroll down the same streets day after day. yet it’s possible to see something new if i look closely. many commonplace things are lovely and can be appreciated again and again. for example, i had never noticed the bright yellow “boston” garbage can.  what i mean is, when you see something for the first time the entire landscape is novel. it’s a totally new image to store in your mind. if you pass by again, aim to notice another detail. the streets in springtime wear completely different expressions than they had in winter.  i am thankful for changing seasons. each new season is a gift, truly. i am thankful for new perspectives. and always, i am thankful for my son who helps me look at everything as if for the first time.




i will never forget my 25th birthday. not because there was a crazy awesome party. not because we executed my great planned out morning. the things i planned did not happen at all. instead we woke up to a great disturbance in our city, and were “sheltered-in-place” for almost the entire day. being a few miles from the center of the chaos, our little village felt fairly normal, but there was a serious eerie feeling going around. my soul just felt off, you know? at the 6pm briefing, it’s safe to say the whole city felt even more perplexed than it had all day. thinking this 19 year old brother had straight up disappeared from watertown seemed crazy. it honestly felt like we were being lied to. the police/swat/fbi/bomb squad/official presence in that area was so intense. i felt like maybe the door-to-door search in watertown was just a waste… but either way. imagining this kid hunkered down in a boat bleeding out… wondering what thoughts were running through his head. now listen, i’m not sympathetic toward this guy. but still, he is a human. he is just a kid. thinking of myself at 19 years old… i didn’t know what my life was going to look like. i had no idea. maybe he just latched on to something horrible, something his brother talked him into, or something he was just trying on for size because he didn’t know what his life was meant for. something he probably believed was radical and would make a statement, but he never thought he’d be hiding in a boat in watertown feeling like he was dying. i mean, robert and i looked at at several apartments in watertown with our baby just a couple months old. i’m not trying to make this tragedy about me, but really? what if we were some of the folks looking out windows thursday night or standing on the back porch in the spring breeze just to hear explosions, gunfire, and all around horror. anyway, it’s hard to sort all these thoughts out. but i just can’t help but think, God ultimately loves dzhokhar tsarnaev. He hates what this kid did and is probably burning with rage and justice, but don’t i believe God loves him too? moses killed a guy and buried him in the sand. and so many people who ended up being saints were full of depravity at a point in their story. i think of the apostle paul, a guy who seriously hated others and wanted them to die.. until he was struck blind and changed his way. well, this is just another thought i am trying to sort out. the whole week i was just thinking, i bet the bombers are just some kids who were trying to make a big statement. maybe they are connected to a larger group. maybe not. either way, i feel like any human being can turn on a dime and become just as messed up inside. we are all walking a fine line between being completely wrecked and reckless or being humbled by this choice we have… to say i’m done. i need something better than this. i need true life or nothing at all.

all i know for sure is that we must pray, Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. save me, a sinner. keep the darkness far from us. lead us to your light. amen.

spring happening


we’ve been taking walks in the warmer weather. it’s quite an uphill trek to peters hill from our house, but my newfound spring energy gets us there. it was especially significant to take this hike during the boston marathon tragedy. looking out over the city when such chaos was going on… i can’t even fathom the horror during a normally festive occasion. i just keep praying, christ have mercy.

to take a different tone, the homes in our neighborhood are all so different. and check out those deer statues! there were at least 3 more in the little yard, and the house was pretty creepy/crappy. oh deer! ;)

tomorrow i turn 25, and i feel it will be a great year. robert and i have a special day planned. i’m so excited for him to have the day off, his first in 10 days! hooray!

spring is in the air :)