Preparing to Wait

An important part of the spiritual life is to keep longing, waiting, hoping, expecting. In the long run, some voluntary penance becomes necessary to help us remember that we are not yet fulfilled. A good criticism, a frustrating day, an empty stomach, or tired eyes might help to awaken our expectation and deepen our prayer:

Come, Lord Jesus, come.

-Henri Nouwen, The Genesee Diary

It feels fitting to return to this little space as we approach the new church year. Advent begins this weekend, and we will celebrate with a New Year – Autumn – Friendsgiving party! Surely there’s a birthday to celebrate too, right?


This morning I climbed up to the tippy top bookshelf where we keep our seasonal books. We’ve enjoyed these books in Advent seasons past. (Click the cover image to view on Amazon)

watchforlight sacred-space waiting

**Sacred Space for Advent and Christmas is sold out, but Sacred Space 2017 would make a great Christmas gift!

I have my eye on these other options for this year, but may just end up using an old faithful. Open to suggestions!

Advent and Christmas Advent and Christmas Prayers preparing

Also, enjoy my Advent playlist on Spotify!


Holy Week

evening shadow

keeping this space quiet during holy week.

(O Lord make speed to save us. O Lord make haste to help us.)



DSC00556 copy

Lent. The trees still bare, hardy green leaves and stems poke through the earth and these brave blooms eventually open–yellow, purple, and pink in the midst of dim grays and browns. Birds begin arriving in flocks. The mighty oaks release pollen, thickening the air and casting a haze over everything.

Lent comes with spaciousness and somber meditations. But Spring reminds me of hope. Of falling in love. Some of our dearest friends were engaged on Easter. Robert and I had our very first kiss on the first day of Spring. He met my family on Easter. I mean, his middle name is actually “Springer.”

Most of all, I think of Resurrection. Winter’s end comes with a sigh as holidays have passed and the layers of sweaters and coats begin to feel heavy. The first day of spring is this Sunday. The tensions rise as we plan Easter celebrations while still observing our Lenten fasts. The churches around town advertise their egg hunts, but we wait until the Great 50 days begin to really celebrate. This is what I love about the church calendar. We are called to be mindful.

So, as days grow longer and brighter may our hearts continue to long for the true Light to shine.