Reading Poetry

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A new Monday morning.

Theo, tight fisted, dozes under the piano for an early morning nap. Archer has yet to wake. Robert prays and reads at his desk. I situate myself between my (getting cold) coffee, water, toast, and books.

The books. Here’s the thing. I have a bad habit of reading for a few weeks and then taking a long break where I just don’t feel like reading. Shelves of our books beg me to give them a chance, yet still just the other day I attempted to start a random ebook off the digital “to read” list I keep. It’s silly.

This morning, feeling inspired, I remind myself to hide the evil ipad so Archer will not be tempted to w-a-t-c-h. (We have to spell it out like that in our house, do you?) Out of sight out of mind, I hope. So no reading ebooks for me today! Or anyday, really.

Anyway, the books. They beckon me to that shelf in the corner and really I’m having trouble picking one. Something short would put me back in the habit of reading after feeling the satisfaction of finishing a book. Poetry seems manageable. Still, I can’t pick just one so I take “Night” by Elie Wiesel. It’s thin.IMG_5732 copy

…And I pick up “Possibility of Being” by Rilke. The first two pages have me transported to another realm. I feel as though I’ve dipped into the Kingdom of God. Fighting off the urge to run in and interrupt Robert’s quiet, I want to savor this moment.

These verses possess life, and Rilke breathes into my day. A new week marinated in poetry–Monday given wings by these words.


the last few

i’ve been pretty bad about uploading photos, as i probably mention each post. but since i decided to get rid of my facebook [again] hopefully i’ll focus more time on making memories instead of sharing. and look! a new layout and header image! hooray.

yesterday i tried to “document my whole day” like many bloggers do. however, after i uploaded the pictures i realized there was so much missing. plus my camera is slowly dying and each scratch on the lens and blurry shot just feels like a giant fail.

but.. we are in luck. robert’s hopped on the instatrain. here are some snapshots i especially enjoy. we rarely have photos of us together, and i rarely have photos of myself.anniversary we celebrated our second anniversary january 22. a friend came over to stay with archer and my love and i went down the street for drinks. i tried the ‘moscow mule’ and may have found my new favorite drink. plus it’s served in a snazzy copper mug.susanne   of course, nemo came for a visit. robert and i spent one of archer’s naptimes standing out on the porch. that was before it got too crazy.snowstreet the morning after… we got about 2 feet of snow.snow  on sunday we took turns digging out the car so robert could go to work… to no avail. our street was just way too buried. plus it’s one way uphill…latte lastly,  i’m very proud to present one of robert’s recent efforts. what a work of art. i can’t wait to go visit the cafe at the common and the north end in the springtime.

hopefully you’ll find me here more often. as long as archer’s teeth cooperate, we’re pretty efficient these days.


toddy iced coffee

1. soaking coffee grounds

2. finished product

i’ve seen this recipe for “perfect iced coffee” floating around for a year or so, and i finally tried it. robert informed me it is called “toddy” because he is a coffee man. the first time i used the recipe was pretty frustrating, but after some tweaking i am now finishing up my second pitcher and boy is it good! i quit caffeine when i was pregnant, so i’m using a very small amount of regular coffee combined with decaf bustelo brand in a can. it’s really cheap, but for this purpose it doesn’t matter.

these half gallon mason jars and cheesecloth i bought have been amazing for so many purposes (gotta love amazon prime). this is no exception. i look forward to trying variations of toddy brew like this one. and maybe making some coffee ice cubes to mix with bailey’s.

here’s my recipe for iced coffee.

you need:

coffee grounds of choice
half gallon container
mesh strainer

– measure out 8 oz coffee grounds (1 cup) and pour into a half gallon container.

– fill container with water and cover. let soak at room temp overnight.

– double up on cheesecloth in bottom of mesh strainer. put strainer on  pitcher. pour some of the coffee mixture through strainer. when the bottom of strainer is filled with grounds, squeeze out the remaining liquid. discard grounds in trash. repeat this process until no more liquid remains.

notes: depending on how strong you like coffee, this can be diluted with water. i swish the remaining grounds with fresh water and strain until my pitcher is full. i reuse the cheesecloth, just rinse it out and let it dry.