molar days


molars. they come with a vengeance. he hasn’t napped for days, unless i’m holding him. which is bad practice and makes my back hurt! very early mornings. i guess some babies are ok with teething, but archer is not one of them! we’ve been trying to stay busy… nice weather this weekend helped after days of rain! but robert being out of town for a wedding saturday-monday did not help. luckily adam & meghan came to save the day on sunday! that really got me through. i hope this long nap he’s taking right now means the worst is over… especially since the rain is back.

sweet bits and pieces amidst the battle of teething:

lemonadegaragediapersbreakstrawberry ricottablooms peonyshoes

1. whipped up some cucumber raspberry lemonade
2. exploring the neighborhood at least once a day
3. sun-drying is the best drying
4. sneaking in a quick snack and a few pages of this excellent book during a very short nap
5. strawberry ricotta popsicles
6 & 7. tree blooms. and oh my, the peonies!!!
8. our favorite baby shoes. i love them all, and they won’t break the bank. can’t wait to pick out our 12-18 month pair.


i can’t decide if .gifs are annoying or awesome ;)


belated and bedhead


since we were on lockdown on my birthday, i was so glad my new favorite shoes came in the mail. i had an oooold dillards gift card so they ended up costing $12. happy birthday to myself! i’ll take one in every color, size 8 please. :) of course, archer loved to play with the packing materials. i also painted my nails this lovely shade of coral. you can see the wonky job i usually do painting my own…


robert had the pastry chef at his cafe make a german chocolate cake with raspberry filling… i was so surprised and it tasted amazing.


and of course, how could i resist sharing these photos of my sweet boy’s bedhead and puffy nap eyes. he’s also trying to get some crumbs from my birthday cake. not for you, sorry bud! ;)