lilac festival

Robert is out of town, so for mother’s day I went to the Lilac Festival at the Arboretum with the ladies.

Β This was our second year, and who could have guessed I’d actually be a mother this year! It was really warm out. We strolled around checking out the lilacs (not too many left) and snacked in the shade.

Archer was in a great mood.

It was the perfect way to spend mother’s day!


park clean-up

The church we are part of has adopted a park in our corner of town–Mission Hill. The park serves as a place for some homeless folks to live. Every year, Shawmut Springs (our church) throws a party in the park and invites the whole neighborhood. This is actually how Robert and I heard about Shawmut.

A couple weeks ago we raked the leaves in the park and picked up trash. There were a LOT of leaves. It’s amazing what 2 hours on a Sunday morning can accomplish.

Hanley helped…

There were snakes. And earthworms the size of snakes.

Robert pulled weeds along the sidewalk.

I really enjoyed the morning–getting active to help the community. In a couple weeks we are going to throw a Christmas party for some kids in transition from foster homes. We are also collecting cans and coats to donate to homeless & the food pantry through my work. That is what Christmas is about, right? Giving generously to others! We were inspired by the Advent Conspiracy video below.



Two weeks ago, we decided it was time to plant some seeds our farmer friend Kerry gave us for our wedding. Our apartment has a little shared backyard. It’s overgrown and no one uses it for anything. The grass is about waist high.

Goodwill had a bunch of baskets for $1 each. Not ideal for outdoor gardening, but when lined with produce bags and coffee filters they work just fine. I poked some holes in the bags for draining. My mom told me about the coffee filter trick. I also put some gravel in the bottom to weigh down the baskets. This article about the gravel myth is disappointing, but hopefully the drainage will be ok.

I love fresh herbs, and they are way too expensive at the grocery store. I bought some staples to try to grow at home. Cilantro, rosemary, basil, chives. And a tomato, but I’m not sure we have enough sun.

I’ll go take another photo today to show our progress. The lettuce and peas are sprouting! Basil has some black spots on the leaves. Tomato has grown a few inches. We’ve had a bunch of rain so watering isn’t a problem. Sunshine is an issue–we have to move the pots around to get optimal sun.

Oh, yeah! Happy Memorial Day!