Library Books: 1

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We love our local libraries. The four branches we frequent are wonderful in their own ways. One has a fantastic story hour. Another boasts shiny new facilities. There is a library biking distance from our house. And the last is good for rainy days because it sits by the mall with a soft play area.

Each week we check out about 15 books and maybe a movie or story dvd. I’ve been documenting the children’s books we read together on Goodreads.

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The other day I realized this is one of those things that keeps me going as a mom. (Do you have these things?) The books I read to my kids act as tangible measures of my motherhood. It’s not a legalistic thing, like if I don’t read 30 minutes a day it doesn’t mean I’m a bad mom. I just feel awesome when I scan the books in to the app and “mark as read.”

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Since this rhythm is steady for us, I thought I’d make a habit of sharing some of our recent favorites. (title links open Amazon, author links open Goodreads)

The Dinner that Cooked Itself by Hsyu, J.C.

On Meadowview Street  by Cole, Henry

Francis the Little Fox by Boisjoly, Veronique

The Little Gardener by Hughes, Emily

The Story of Frog Belly Rat Bone by Ering, Timothy Basil

The New Small Person by Child, Lauren

Happy Reading!!!


Babies Don’t Keep 2.0

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I saw this quote on @motherhoodrising  and it really resonated with me as these days fly by…

✦”The thing is, you won’t even know it’s the last time…until there are no more times. And even then, it will take you a while to realize. So while you are living in these times, remember there are only ever so many of them….and when they are gone, you will yearn for just one more day of them. For One….Last Time.” -Unknown ✦ 

And of course this old post from when Archer was a babe… Babies sure don’t keep.


IMG_4698Each night I lay down in disbelief at the passing of another day where we still haven’t met this babe. Each morning I wake up to another long day of anticipation. Balancing here at the peak of pregnancy, I see both the past and future of our family: sweetest adventures as two, then our last four years as three and the unfolding of life with our fourth member. A full night’s rest is not taken for granted, yet still I wake often with only one thought in my mind… This heaviness is a person. This great round middle part of me will soon be presented as his own. What a mystery, what a gift. We can’t wait to meet you, little love.