perfect day

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music monday resurrected… on a thursday because that makes tons of sense! but you’ll forgive me because you get two songs in one post! and an allusion to a third. if you find it, you get a kiss from archer.

glory be. one word: yesterday. the sun came out and melted the greying snowslush piles in this recently dismal city. the churchbells around the corner sang “spring is coming, spring is coming” and woke us all up from our hibernation. though the day still carried a bit of chill, cyclists pedaled around with cheesy smiles and neighbors high-fived as they passed each other on the way to the post office. it went a little something like this…

really though. here’s how it went down. robert had the day off. win #1. farmer’s lunch sandwich, paired with bbq kettle chips & natural soda at city feed & supply in JP. these are a few of my favorite things. afterward, we stopped by boomerang to hunt for some deals– ended up with two books and a vinyl. the history of love! i cannot wait to read this. it’s been on my to-read list for a year now. all day long, robert kept singing the same lyric over & over from this song by the oh hello’s. pay what you want [or get it free] for the album here because it’s SO good. like SOOOO good [!!!]


he’s my brother

today is my biggest (i should say oldest…) brother’s 35th birthday. he’s the real musician, so really i’m just paying homage to his mad skills by singing this song for him. we live so far away from each other, and are 11 years apart in age. that’s a lot of distance, but there’s nothin’ quite like a big bro. lucky for me i have two of them!

he posted this photo of himself today. i think he’s hit his prime. look at that beard. how could anyone deny the awesomeness?

bro, i wish you all the best this year.

mm. 8

this may be a stretch, but i’ll go ahead and try. i have a request. [and yes, it really is 2:47 am. hoping archer sleeps soundly until 6:30 or later.]

many friends and family know of an autumn tradition we hold in our house:  the past six years, robert has compiled his favorite autumnal songs and given them to some of his nearest and dearest as tokens of the best season of all. [or the best season of fall. yes, i had to go there.]

as we have been somewhat living under a we-just-had-a-baby rock for six months, our musical horizons have somewhat dimmed this year. on top of our newest addition deterring the progress of this year’s autumn mix, robert is quite busy with his new position at fuel america and seminary. the responsibility of keeping the home and keeping traditions going has fallen heavily on my new mama shoulders.

so i need your help. if you are reading, help! i already asked for suggestions on which new album to buy a couple weeks ago. thanks for the feedback, amy. we already received mumford and are waiting on sea wolf. here’s my newest request.

what is your favorite autumn music? any particular artist that makes you crave that pumpkin spice? is there a song that makes you curl up in your flannel pjs and wool socks? do you have a personal soundtrack to the falling leaves?