St. Augustine Video


roll over

archer and i are keeping our new england pale + baby skin covered in spf 50 even in the shade… i got this straw hat for $2. good deal, i’d say.

this little sweet potato… he’s my little bud. i’m reminded he’s still a little baby when we take him in the ocean. he holds on so tight and i can feel how much he trusts me.Β i had a weepy mama moment yesterday while giving him a bath in the kitchen sink. he’s just getting so big. we danced around the house and cuddled until he fell fast asleep. this beach stuff wears him out!

did i mention he rolled over on sunday? yep. back to front. we left him in the tent on his back, look away for just a moment and then.. wait a minute.. he’s on his tummy now! oh boy. here we go.

beach baby

sweet shades, little man

papi dipped archer’s toes in for the first time

goin in the water naked will only be okay for so long. a little wave came up and surprised us, hence the expression in the bottom right photo.

somehow little baby skin got burnt even though he was slathered in sunscreen and laid under a tent the whole time! except when he was in the water. i guess reflective sun is dangerous too!