Four Years Old!

Our firstborn turned 4 on April 4th! I made sure to sneak as many kisses and snuggles on his last day of 3 years old.IMG_5655

I’m attempting to compile all the home videos we’ve taken over the last year. Enjoy 4 minutes of Archer’s 3 year old awesomeness. April-July 2015:

Archer: April-July 2015 from Susanne Evangelista on Vimeo.


THEO: month 2

I know I’ve been posting a bunch, but really who can complain about a cute video of a baby??? If you are complaining, I dare you to watch this quick 2 and a half minutes … I am so proud of myself for finishing this one day before Theo’s 2 month mark! We love our little sticky bun. 

The song is “Save the World” by Charleston duo Shovels & Rope (who I would love to go see tonight in St. Augustine with Jason Isbell… swooning over that lineup and location!!!)

when you’re caught in the wave
of a terrible tide
suddenly you’re struggling
to stay astride

so you calm your hands
and you cool your mind
and you wake up happy
on the other side

when there is a trouble
you can not command
maybe it’s God trying
to guide your hand

to shine a little light
upon where you stand
so that you can genuinely

that you got what it takes
you got what it takes
to save the world

-Shovels & Rope