way to work wednesday

Since we sold our other car, I have to walk to work some days. The car we have now does not have the parking sticker so I can’t take it to work. Also, I have no idea how to drive it in the first place. It’s a manual.

Walking is probably really great for me, and I am trying to be a good sport. It’s hard! I’m so slow and the weight of this baby makes for some intense pressure on bladder and whatever else is under there.

I tried waiting for the bus the other day. It will take me halfway to work. After 15 minutes, only 1 bus came by and it was full. I wanted to throw open my coat and say “Look! 8 months pregnant lady here! Please don’t make me speedwalk to work AND be late!” Oh well. The MBTA does not care.

I noticed our old street finally got a street sign! That would have been helpful when we lived there. It’s strange walking down Delle Ave. The other day I even passed our old landlord on the sidewalk. Who knows why he was out at 6:30 am!

I think today I won’t take my chances on the bus being on time. I’ll just walk the mile of hills with an extra 20 lb on me. I’ll suck it up and give myself pep talks every time I have to stop and brace myself along the way. This might even help my labor if I’m in good shape!


Way to Work Wednesday

Robert sometimes drives me to work when it is forecasted to rain. Or when my toe was broken. For the time being, we have two cars to drive and I can drive any day I want. This is good and bad. I treasure every last moment at home and enjoy the short drive. However, Robert is concerned I am not getting enough exercise since I sit at a desk all day. I’d love to get into some yoga, and I do like walking. Walking to work is just becoming something I dread as it makes an already 8 hour work day an almost 9 hour work day. Lucky for me, there is a 100% chance of rain today so I already have my answer.

Happy Wednesday!



Way to Work Wednesday

Before the time changed, I saw a couple beautiful sunrises on my way to work. Lately, these colors in the sky are reflected in the leaves on the trees. Oranges, yellows, reds. I love it. These little things make the mile go by a bit faster.

Last night we went to see Gregory Alan Isakov and Blind Pilot at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. This lineup was perfect for us. I love Isakov’s melancholy tunes and Robert loves Blind Pilot to the core. I pre-ordered him the latest album for his birthday in September. We got the vinyl, CD, autographed sleeve, and an really nice illustration print.

The show started out ok and got much better. We were disappointed with the venue setup. Not for short people like us, that’s for sure. The only “good” spot was directly in front of the stage. There are three huge pillars in the middle of the space obstructing views from most angles. It was packed with rowdy college folk. They were loud and disrespectful of the music. We had a tough spot for Isakov’s set– a side view of the stage with poor sound quality.

My husband is a man of initiative. He saw a roped off section with 2 seats, originally reserved for wheelchairs. The wheelchairs left after the first set. He asked the folks standing around if they would mind letting his pregnant wife sit in the chair. I held my belly and sat in that seat the rest of the night. Robert stood behind me. We were right up front with a pretty great view. I forgot our camera.

The point is, I got the royal treatment for being a mama. And a lady complimented my wedding ring (in the dark!) to top it all off! I don’t think we’ll be going back to Paradise any time soon, though.