Words can only create communion & thus new life when they embody the silence from which they emerge. As soon as we begin to take hold of each other by our words, & use words to defend ourselves or offend others, the word no longer speaks of silence. But when the word calls for the healing & restoring stillness of its own silence, few words are needed: much can be said without much being spoken.
-Henri Nouwen, The Way of The Heart


Theo is One!


How the year has flown by! On the twelfth day of Christmas God gave us the best gift and every year we will celebrate!

Theo is a joy. Our butterball stinky grizzly bear golden baby boy.

He stands and pushes furniture around. Has been wearing 18-24 month clothes since he was 7 months old. Loves bonking his head on other heads. Laughs hard at elephant sounds. Makes a great lion or bear roar. Is obsessed with the bath. Loves patting his bare belly. Gets into everything. Holds on to (pulls) mama’s hair like a lifeline. Likes eating mustard greens and graham crackers. Wants whatever you have. Hates the car. Doesn’t sit still. He unreliably says Hi, Bye, Bubba, Mama, Papa, Dog, Hot. He is a clingy mama’s boy, but get super excited to see his papa everyday. Theo loves his brother Archer so much and it is so fun watching them begin to play together.

We love our Theo!

keep it clean


Hold up. Who have I become? Suds and fragrance have creeped their way back in my body care routine. There was that time I went no ‘poo and made all my own body care products… To that I say, “Good job, old self. Now you have double the number of kids and are rarely motivated to wash your face.”

So here I am. Inspired to clean it up. Keeping it clean.

First, Grove Collaborative hooked me on Mrs. Meyers Iowa Pine scent. I really think I’ve hand washed more dishes and wiped down almost every surface of my house because I bought the Holiday Dish Soap + Multi-Surface Cleaner.


Now, I’ve browsed through the natural body care products and selected a few hoping to get the biggest bang for my buck. Grove’s prices are great and I’m super thrifty so that’s saying something.


I have frequent breakouts. Once my skin clears up some new rush of hormonal chaos makes me break out again. I want to try to manage this naturally. So here we go:

  1. The #1 on most lists you read for anything ever. DRINK TONS OF WATER. This is a challenging goal for me. I know, just drink the water, right!? I try to drink two of my Nalgene every day.
  2. Eat clean. We do pretty good about this. Except the occasional sour gummy worm or BBQ chip… Might need to eliminate those. But they are so good with Mozart in the Jungle. (Season 3 is out! I so missed the Maestro!)
  3. Wash face morning + night using Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Bar in Tea Tree.
  4. Treat face daily with Acure Rosehip Oil. This is supposed to be anti-aging, restorative, + healing. Sounds good to me! I also made a roller bottle of fractionated coconut oil, lavender, and patchouli oils for acne spots.
  5. Moisturize face + body with Dr. Bronner’s Organic Orange Lavender Lotion.
  6. Weekly Aztec Secret Indian Healing Bentonite Clay mask.
  7. Shampoo + wash with Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid in Almond. I’ve been so excited to try this scent! #almondeverything
  8. Switch deodorant to Schmidt’s Ylang-Ylang Calendula. My friend Blair says this brand really works, so I’m hoping for good results.


It’s a start, right? I’ll update how things are going in a week or two! And I’m hoping to streamline my makeup routine to compliment this new regimen. One thing at a time.

PS- Don’t forget… Join Grove Collaborative with me! It’s seriously worth it. Use my link and we both get $10 credit!! Add the 3 month VIP free trial and get free shipping and other promotions.